RTA final test1

Simple ‘tricks’ you can use to pass UAE driving test

January 4, 2020

Many students who take on the UAE driving test get stuck on the final road exam. It is the last hurdle to overcome before students are granted a license. Today, we go through some simple methods that you can use to increase your chances of acing the final test.

STAY CALM: The road test is more than just learning when or where to use the car’s various features. The test is also a way to measure how the driver responds to the pressures of the road. Keep calm and maintain your composure and everything else will follow.

LISTEN TO THE EXAMINER: The examiner sits on the front passenger seat and will quietly assess your performance on the road. Listen to every single one of his/her orders. The examiner’s instructions supersede any other instructions.

DRESS UP: This is more of a psychological tactic. Think of your road test as a job interview. Not only would it give a good impression to your examiner, it will also give you a confidence boost.

CHECK EVERYTHING: But don’t overdo it. Making it obvious that you’re checking the car mirrors, seatbelts, handbrake and the like are in order shouldn’t take too long. It should come across naturally – not in a bid to impress your examiner.