December 12, 2019: By the Grace of Allah, I achieved another milestone of my life Alhumdolilah, getting a driving license in Dubai is not less than a blessing, I would like to thank you Galadari motor Driving center and thanks to the entire team of the school, especially Ms. Asma Sajjad CSR of school thank you Ms for guiding me so nicely, I would like to thank my instructors Mr. Naseem Gul Patti and Mr. Atif Shah, you guys are the best I have ever met as instructors Thank you for clearing my path to achieve the goal, I would like special thank to Mr. Osman my assessment Examiner for being so polite and giving most advanced tips. Thank you All of you for being part of this beautiful journey. #GMDC #bestdrivingschool billion of loves from Sumair :)

Sumair Memon

November 20, 2019: No doubt Galadari is best, I got my license in the same month from there too, best school best customer service but some times there are problems in customer service but no one can get the best experience every time from the same place, but my experience is best from there instructors, school staff, examiners every one is doing his job very well, highly recommended 👏👏👏👏👏

Danish Khan

November 18, 2019: Galadari Motor Driving is such a great school. Staff is very friendly, very nice teachers, especially Mr. Waqar Aslam, I suggest to all new persons who want to start a license.

Khuram Shahzad

Hi everyone, I am very happy I got Driving Licence in 1st attempt. ...this is all happened with Galadari instructors.....they guide me well ,teach me well....they teach me to focus and dont be over confident, some time we thought we know better then instructor but its not true....respect and understanding gives 100% thanks to Galadari team Mr.Altaf,Mr.Salam and the old man Mr.Jamal .... Good luck. ....

Muhammad Naeem‎‏

Hello, everyone! I never wrote feedbacks, but now I really want. I'd like to say big thank to school. But first of all a lot of thanks to Mr. Elsayed Abdelalim! It's great instructor, he teaches not just how to drive, but how to feel the car, how to enjoy of driving. I didn't have driving license at all and have passed all tests in first try. Another thanks to all drivers, who provides transportation. It was always in time.

Anna Barbukova‎‏

Special thanks today to ms.grace(filipina women) and also to my instructor Mr.SIDHEEQUE POOTALANTE (Indian) for achieving me to pass even he was strictly to me when he was teach me in my 5th attempt finally I was so calm and keep praying just to be relax focus in the examiner(rta11631) thank you so much galadari for give me a lot of experiences in your driving skills

Aco Si Pogi‎‏

Hi everyone I would like to say thanks to all Galadari team. For Supporting staff and competent instructors. They teach me, make me calm and confident while driving. And because of that I got my license in first attempt. Once again Thanks a ton, to my both Instructors and examiner too :)

Shekhar Tanwar‎‏

Hi Guys/Gals...Good evening I passed my Road Test today in first try...all ppl who say we are failing for this long,must be there mistakes in driving...RTA examiners are really nice and pass you immideately if you driver well...Very Happy to get my License...Thank you Gladari & RTA...

محمد بلال‏

My experience was good, and all the stuff were friendly and helpfull :) I would like to thank especially to mr paul gilex and mr govinda from satwa branch- u r the best!!! :)

Ana Glisic‎‏

Thanks GALADARI got my licence on my 1st take.....thanks also to sir paul gilex ordoñez of satwa branch that assist me from the start till i got my licence

Mario Cacao‎‏