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مركبات معاهد تعليم القيادة

349 inspections on vehicles of driving institutes over 10 days

17th May 2017

(The process aims to verify compliance with the applicable laws)

RTA’s Licensing Agency has carried out an extensive inspection campaign targeting  driving institutes and centers, totaling 349 swoops within a span of 10 days. A random sample of 2329 vehicles from various driving centers were inspected to measure their compliance with the rules and standards set for the  safety of vehicle bodies. These checks included tyres, lights, windshields, safety belt. Inspections also aimed to ensure that safety tools were in place such as the first aid kit, reflective triangle , hammer and the fire extinguisher. Inspectors also verified the compliance of driving instructors with the training requirements especially in phase I.

Mohammed Nabhan, Director of the Monitoring & Enforcement at RTA’s Licensing Agency, said that as many as 349 inspections were carried out during the campaign, which was part of a series of inspection campaigns targeting driving institutes. “The aim was to ensure compliance with laws, legislations and approved driver training modules . The specialist inspection team had always been working hard to realize RTA’s vision of ‘Safe and Smooth Transport for All”.

“The inspections covered the Emirates Driving Institute, Belhasa Driving Center, Al Ahli Driving Center, Dubai Driving Center, Galadari Motor Driving Center  and Dubai International Driving Center. The inspection campaigns pave the way for developing improvement plans which will be initiated and monitored in the near future,” added Nabhan.

“Work is in full swing to upgrade the online link between driving institutes and RTA’s licensing systems such that auditing can be done online. Audits can verify the commitment of trainees to taking the prescribed training lessons as per the applicable systems. This exercise would save time and effort of the parties concerned, and accelerate the procedures of capturing the information required from training centres,” concluded the Director of the Monitoring & Enforcement at RTA’s Licensing Agency