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تنفيذ حادث اصطدام وهمياً بين الترام وعدة مركبات لرفع مستوى السلامة المرورية

Collision drill scenario between tram and vehicles to step up traffic safety

07th April 2017

The Emergency and Crises Management Team at the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has carried out a drill scenario of a collision of Dubai Tram with several vehicles at Station 3. The drill started at 02:00 am yesterday Friday and continued up to 07:30 am on the same day. Several parties took part in the drill including Dubai Police General HQ, General Directorate General of Civil Defence, and Dubai Ambulance Services Corporation.

Dr. Yousef Al Ali, CEO of Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) cum Head of Emergency & Crises Management Team in the RTA, said, “The drill was based on a presumed collision between Dubai Tram and several vehicles. The aim of the drill was to verify the readiness & quick response of the Emergency & Crises Management Team and step up the preparedness to maintain high traffic safety levels. The drill started at 2 am yesterday (Friday) and ended at 7.30 am on the same day.”

“The aim of the drill is to raise the readiness of the Emergency & Crises Management Team of the RTA as well as its counterparts in other government bodies in Dubai. It reveals to what extent these teams are ready to intervene and contain such accidents if occurred under any condition, God forbids. We are therefore keen to carry out such drills in a planned timeline, in cooperation with several government & semi-government entities in the Emirate,” commented Al Ali

“This drill is part of the plans of RTA’s Emergency & Crises Management Team and complements the ongoing cooperation with other government and semi-government bodies towards the implementation of unified traffic safety standards,” added the CEO of DTC and Head of Emergency & Crises Management Team in the RTA.