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Our services have reopened from May 2

Our services have reopened from May 2. Your safety is our first priority, therefore, we will be following strict safety measures.
أعيد فتح خدماتنا اعتبارًا من 2 مايو. سلامتك هي أولويتنا الأولى ، لذلك ، سنتبع إجراءات أمان صارمة

In line with the directions from the RTA, Galadari Motor driving centre have opened its services & facilities from May 2, 2020 following the set guidelines and protocols to ensure the highest level of health and safety of the community. The students must ensure to maintain the below guidelines:

  1. All visitors and staff must wear masks at all times. Training & tests will not be conducted without wearing masks.
  2. Attend online theory lectures on the Student Portal instead of classroom lectures.
  3. Use separate entry and exit doors, to ensure the number of customers in the facility does not exceed 30% of the facility’s capacity
  4. Get body temperature checked with thermometer devices.
  5. Use sterilization materials and devices placed in different places in the institute.
  6. Use of e-payment and smart payment channels for all types of transactions as cash payment is temporarily stopped.
  7. Be updated with SMS or GMDC official social media accounts before visiting or booking an appointment.
  8. Children aged between 3 to 12 years and elderly over 60 years of age are prohibited to enter GMDC to ensure their safety.
  9. Each assessment test vehicle will accommodate one student for each testing appointment.
  10. Staff & students must ensure to maintain at least 2 meters of social distance at all times.