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Galadari Motor Driving Center was established in the year 2004, by one of the most renowned business entrepreneurs in the UAE – Mr. Ilyas & Mr. Mustafa Galadari spearheading the growth story of a portfolio of other profitable ventures.

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Road Safety Awareness

Dear Driver's :
Driving fast, recklessness, and non-compliance with traffic safety rules that seek to protect us may cause injury, lifelong disability, or death

To Cross the Road Safely
Strictly avoid crossing from
undesignated places.

Dear Driver:
Don’t drive recklessly and remember that there is always someone waiting for you to return safely.

Dear Motorists:
Slow down and be careful when entering and exiting school zones.

Crossing the road from undesignated places can endanger your life and result in a fine of 200 AED.

All passengers in a car will be required to wear seat beltsو failing which the driver of the vehicle will be fined Dh400 and slapped with 4 black points

Driving a vehicle in a way endanger the driver or others road users lives or safety a fine violation of AED 2000 + 23 black points and vehicle confiscation for 60 day

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