We know that sometimes waiting for classes to begin or for transportation to arrive involves a time gap. To cater to the comfort of our customers, we have indoor and outdoor lounges separate for men and women. The spacious indoor lounges are air-conditioned with ample comfortable seating for visitors and students.


For customers who have young children, going on courses can prove to be a challenge. At GMDC, we understand that time is of the essence and we’re aware that leaving your children with people you can trust is a matter of concern. If you have young kids, then you can rest easy and leave them at our Kids Playroom staffed by professional and patient Day Care attendants to dote on your kids.

Our playroom is stocked with games and educational toys so the kids can entertain themselves under adult supervision. You can rest easy and drive with confidence knowing your kids are in safe and good hands. To find out more, please drop in to check our playroom and assess our fun facilities or chat with our friendly service staff who will be happy to assist you.


We know that lifestyles can be hectic and sometimes when you’re dashing from one place to the next running errands, dashing to work and there’s no time to stop for a bite. With this in mind, GMDC houses a café so you can relax and dine on meals. Additionally, we also have mobile cafeteria kiosks stocked with tempting treats so you can grab a bite on the go. You will also find vending machines at different GMDC locations for a quick drink or snack.


There is a mosque on the GMDC premises with separate sections for both men and women.

People of Determination Facilities

GMDC has totally disability friendly offices. employers cannot discriminate against a person with a disability and must provide employees with recognized disabilities with reasonable accommodations.