Dubai cracks down on reckless motorists with stricter traffic law; driving schools to caution new drivers

Motor driving institutes in Dubai will emphasise further training and reminders to new drivers about the dangers of jumping a red signal and reckless driving following the amendment of laws.

Starting July 6, motorists will have to pay a Dh50,000 penalty to release their vehicles for certain violations, such as jumping the red signal and reckless driving, among other serious offences.

“We know that jumping red lights and reckless driving are two of the most dangerous offences that a driver can commit. That’s why we make sure to train our students about the dangers of these behaviours. Our instructors provide extensive training and warnings about the consequences and penalties applied. We emphasise the potential risks to both the safety of our students and others on the road,” said Sameer Agha, head of marketing, Galadari Motor Driving Centre.

Driving institutes also engage institutes and community members such as school and university students for awareness campaigns around road safety and seatbelt. Driving schools say that the curriculum will be updated, if required and instructed by the Roads and Transport Authority, Dubai.

“As we move forward, we are committed to updating to new regulations and emphasising driving safety at signals and junctions. We believe that it is essential to equip our students with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate these areas safely. Our goal is to ensure that our students are well-prepared and equipped to drive responsibly, prioritising safety at all times,” said Galadari Motor Driving Centre’s head of marketing.

Agha added that they provide comprehensive training in both theory and practical aspects of driving to ensure students are prepared to navigate safely through junctions and avoid accidents.

Sameer Agha elaborated that increased penalties for traffic violations will deter drivers from breaking the law, and they are less likely to take risks, which will help to reduce the number of accidents and injuries on the roads.

“We offer two specialised courses that specifically address safety concerns: a Defensive Driving course designed to enhance our students’ skills and promote road safety, as well as a Refresher Driving course to ensure the retention of knowledge,” he added.

Taleb Mahmoud, head of training and operations at Emirates Driving Institute, said increasing financial penalties can effectively deter and promote safety among motorists and road users.

“It can create a greater sense of responsibility and encourage compliance with traffic laws. We anticipate an increased emphasis on driving safety at signals and junctions. These areas often pose significant challenges, and reinforcing the importance of following traffic rules and exercising caution at intersections can help reduce accidents and improve overall road safety,” he said.

Moreover, Mahmoued added the Institute will launch extensive public awareness campaigns to educate motorists and road users about the importance of adhering to traffic laws, highlighting the potential consequences of violations, and promoting safe driving practices.

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