Launching Smart Track for testing drivers at all driving centres

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has launched the Smart Track for testing driver license applicants in Dubai following the success of the trial phase in several driving testing centres across Dubai. The trial run, which witnessed 38,000 tests, yielded several positive deliverables and 10 improvements in quality and governance, which are in line with the national innovation strategy.

Through the smart track, RTA aims to support the government’s drive to transform Dubai into the smartest city in the world. It involves the use of the fourth industrial revolution technologies for the first time in this field worldwide in the form of smart sensors, differential GIS, and sensors mounted to autonomous vehicles.

“RTA launched the smart track initiative at all driving centres following the successes of the trial run phase; which resulted in record achievements in delivering smart and integrated solutions at all testing vehicles. Thus, it contributed to the fruition of the UAE Artificial Intelligence Strategy and the UAE 4th Industrial Revolution Strategy,” said Abdullah Yousef Al Ali, CEO of Licensing Agency, RTA.

“The smart track contributed to the automation of 32% of road-test reading standards such as the artificial intelligence, internet of things, advanced co-driver assisting systems, information telecommunication technologies, GIS, face-recognition technology, and 3D panoramic imaging among other smart technologies,” he noted.

“During the trial phase, the smart track contributed to slashing the time of retrieving the test video and the time of reporting incidents as well as vehicle faults by as much as 75%. It reveals the efficiency and speed of the system in delivering instant information; which is compatible with Dubai Data Strategy.

“The smart track was also a key contributor to the launch of the digital road test certificate, which also minimized the scope of paper transactions. Accordingly, RTA reaffirms its efforts to unleash new services aligned with the smart city initiative as well as Dubai Paperless Strategy.

“All the 150 supervisors and examiners have been qualified to cover testing centres. 250 light and heavy vehicles/buses have been fitted with the smart track system, which is compatible with the 5G internet network. Thus, it is fully aligned with the internet of things and the digital revolution strategy,” he added.

It is noteworthy that ultra-sophisticated technologies of the smart testing system, such as the face-recognition, are not only used for clients but also for examiners. Thus, it contributes to 100% accurate identification of the examiner and customer, which in turn improves the integrity and transparency of the testing results, and at the same time enables Drivers Testing Department to follow-up the sustained improvement of testing quality.

The smart track system can integrate with other systems such as the smart yard testing, centralized training. It can also transmit data to an artificial intelligence-based driver, which contributes to analyzing customers attitudes during the test.

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