Dubai Municipality MY vehicle Campaign

Dubai Municipality Launches Campaign on Abandoned Vehicles

Dubai Municipality has launched its annual community awareness campaign aimed at the public not to leave abandoned vehicles, boats and equipment in public places. Since the beginning of this year, 5,340 SMSs have been sent to owners of abandoned vehicles. It should be noted that 1,074 abandoned vehicles have been removed since the beginning of this year.



Under the slogan, “Clean Vehicle, Sustainable City,” the My Vehicle campaign aims of educate all segments of public about the importance of preserving the aesthetic and civilized appearance of the city.

My Vehicle will also boost the knowledge of laws, regulations and services covering this area. In a press statement, the municipality said that people abandoning things abounds at this time of the year due to annual vacations and the travel season.

A specialized field team monitors and documents all information and data of neglected vehicles and equipment in all areas of the Emirate, which include light and heavy vehicles, long trucks and trailers, boats and various marine transport. The process of removing these vehicles begins by monitoring the vehicles and equipment and documenting all their data on tablets.

The initiative will also raise the level of community awareness on the damages caused by neglected vehicles, as well as promote the values of social responsibility, in addition to cooperating with departments and establishments in the government and private sectors on maintaining the sustainability of the public appearance.



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