UK to recognize and exchange UAE driving licenses

According to the decision that came into effect as of May 20, 2021, holders of UAE driving licenses coming for non-residency purposes are now allowed to drive vehicles on the territory of the United Kingdom.

Motorists coming for the purpose of residency will be allowed to drive vehicles without having to apply for a driving test. In both cases, the driving license must be valid and meet the requirements and procedures put in place by the competent authorities in the UK.

14 thoughts on “UK to recognize and exchange UAE driving licenses

  1. Валерия says:

    The Council for the development of Penal and Correctional establishments discusses development projects and initiatives The United Kingdom, represented by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, will now recognize and exchange driving licenses issued by the United Arab Emirates for British driving licenses for light vehicles and motorcycles. Accordingly, the UAE is the only Arab country where driving licenses are recognized and exchanged by the UK.

    • Lynn de Maré says:

      Hi there …
      I was resident in Dubai august 1981 – august 2017. I passed my driving test in Dubai (I have my Dubai licence with me, it expires 2026. I wish to take the Uk licence but I need a paper from Dubai MOI … can you please help with this matter ?
      Many thanks

  2. Morteza says:

    Can I get UK driving license withot passing the theory & driving tests while I have an expired UAE driving license ?
    It `s expired in 2019

  3. Shybu Paramby says:

    I am a resident of UAE and temporarily I came to UK also I have valid residency in UK.
    I have a small question I am going to transfer my UAE license to UK driving license.
    My concern/doubt is that after transferring to UK license my UAE license validity for driving in UAE will be canceled or remain the same in the MOI app until the original UAE license expiry time.
    Because I have car in UAE, so if UAE license will be canceled then I am not going to apply UK one. Kindly advise based on your experience

  4. Zaheer Babbar says:

    I am unable to complete my licence exchange process from UAE to UK. Can you help me. My licence was passed from Sharjah then transferred to Dubai. But UK authorities not accepting the licence.

  5. Adeel says:

    Hello Gmdc team
    Please guide me I have light vehicle car license and also heavy truck license so please guide me in uk I can convert it in heavy truck license and how pls guide me also I get it from galadari school.00971527764213

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