UAE: New radars installed to monitor pedestrian crossing violations

Motorists will be fined Dh500 and awarded six black points for not giving way to pedestrians.
New radars powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been activated on various roads in Abu Dhabi to monitor and catch motorists who do not stop at pedestrian crossings.
In a new video shared on various social media platforms, Abu Dhabi Police said the smart radar system has been activated to control violations committed by drivers and jaywalkers to reduce pedestrian run-overs in Abu Dhabi. According to the police, the smart system, named ‘Hather’ (Be Careful), aims to alert drivers to adhere to traffic rules and prioritize pedestrians crossing from designated areas for their safety. After a successful pilot phase, the authorities said it was currently studying the new smart system near schools and commercial centers in Abu Dhabi.
Officers said that the new radars detected several violating vehicles during the pilot phase and sent only instructive messages to drivers informing them about the importance of stopping vehicles completely when pedestrians are crossing the roads in the designated areas.
“Drivers should also comply with traffic signals and drive at an appropriate speed, which might be well below the speed limit in the vicinity of pedestrians and crossings,” said police. Last year, Abu Dhabi Police introduced new smart radars to detect jaywalkers and drivers who don’t stop at pedestrian crossings. The authorities have also called on pedestrians to use footbridges and tunnels while crossing roads and follow the pedestrian lights at intersections that work in conjunction with systems to regulate traffic flow. Police said crossing from non-designated areas is one of the leading causes of run-over accidents and people should be deterred from the dangerous act, which is punishable by the law. Jaywalking invites a fine of Dh400 in the Emirate. Last year, 48,000 pedestrians were fined after police caught them crossing from non-designated spots or not using the zebra crossings on Abu Dhabi roads.

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