RTA scoops 7 categories of Stevie International Business Awards 2020

(Accolades won include 2 Gold, 2 Silver and 3 Bronze awards in the fields of rail, licensing and media response to Covid-19)

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has picked up seven of Stevie International Business Awards 2020; top awards in recognizing achievements and services of the business sector across the world. Awards won by RTA comprise of 2 Gold, 2 Silver and 3 Bronze in the fields of rail, licensing and media response to Covid-19. The winning of such prestigious awards adds value, weight and credibility to the superior efforts of RTA in various fields of business.

Four of these awards went to the Rail Agency; two of them were Gold and the other two were Bronze. The first of Stevie Gold Awards won was in the category of “Health, Safety & Environment Program of the Year” for the Rail Agency Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Office. The other Stevie Gold Award was in the category of the “Company of the Year – Transportation” for the Dubai Metro, Dubai Tram, and Route 2020.

The first of the two Bronze Awards won by the Rail Agency was in the category of “Customer Service Team of the Year” for the Rail Operation Team. The second was the category of “Health, Safety & Environment Program of the Year” for the CM-CIS Framework.

The Licensing Agency was named the winner of Stevie Silver Awards. The first was in the “Achievement in Product Innovation” category for the Digital Transformation of drivers licensing aimed at making a quantum shift in the service through re-engineering and streamlining processes via smart platforms. The second Silver award was in the category of “Governance, Risk & Compliance Solution” for the Road Test Automation (Smart Track) for automating the driver testing process. The practice, which is the first of its kind worldwide, cements the smart practices that contribute to making Dubai the smartest city in the world.

The seventh award was Stevie Bronze Award, which was won by the Marketing and Corporate Communication Department at the Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector, RTA. It came in the category of the “Best Use of Social Media – COVID-19-related Information. It recognized RTA’s social media response during the crisis and the best use of social media -COVID-19-related Information. RTA’s social media teams mustered intensive customer-oriented campaigns during the remote working period of the National Disinfection Program. Contents broadcasted related to updates of public transport schedules, and precautionary measures at customers happiness and testing centers. The campaigns also promoted smart apps as an alternative solution to physical distancing, sensitized the public about preventive means to halt the spread of the virus, and maintained the business continuity across the Emirate.

Consequently, RTA reported an upsurge in the number of visitors to social media platforms clocking 115% in the Facebook, 108% in the website, 50% in Twitter, and 27% in the Instagram.

Winning this collection of the renowned Stevie International Business Awards speaks volumes of RTA’s efforts to keep pace with the relentless efforts of our leaders to develop a business model responsive to sustainable health, safety and environment. It also reflects the huge steps taken to automate customer services and employ technology to ensure road security besides the high-level media response to emergencies such as Covid-19. All-in-all, the awards are a hallmark of the extensive improvements credited to corporate agility that maintains a seamless flow of business and services.

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